Eco-Merino Co-Op Ltd


Annually membership of the Eco-Merino Growers Co-Op Ltd are entitled to the following;

  • Merino growers Co-Op website, to access the latest industry accreditation knowledge and learning;
  • MyOrigins AgTech platform, to record, access and manage your on-farm data aligned to meeting the RWS and other industry standards;
  • Merino growers Co-Op social media platforms, to share and celebrate industry achievements and stories;
  • Commercial activities, engaged by the Co-Op to further the Australian merino wool industry; and
  • Shared ownership in the Co-Op, and rights to participate in the democratic voting process for the board and various office bearer roles.
  • Collaboration events monthly and the Co-Op’s Annual General Meeting
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FibreCert Program


Merino Wool Growers joining the MyOrigins FibreCert program will give you annual access to the following services;

  • Membership in MyOrigins Group Managed RWS Scheme (accessing a new tier of Brands)
  • Annual Certification to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)
  • Access to the MyOrigins Technology Platform (BETA Pilot) for data capture and Grower profile development
  • Focused marketing matching your Fibre specifications to recognised Brand requirements over time
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