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Provenance is the key to a brand unlocking their supply chain transparency and achieving higher quality standards in their production practices. Leading brands recognise this, but are faced with the difficulty of negotiating complex, opaque supply chains.

At MyOrigins Technology we offer brands access to our unique hybrid blockchain backed technology platform. We connect brands directly to Australian Merino growers producing fibres that are certified ethical to independent global standards. This enables tracing the fibre from the farm and foundational for ethical and transparent supply chains of the future. Standards like the Responsible Wool Standard and the Organic Protocol lead the way in building trust across your value chain.

When a brand offers consumers transparency, traceability and a confirmed chain of custody, they reap the rewards in brand loyalty.

Merino Wool Value Chain


This value chain refers to all the “value add” processes that take place, from the farm to the finished product. In Australia, the Merino wool value chain is typically complex and opaque. Visibility is often restricted from one stage to the next.

Australian Merino fibre is often sent to Europe or Asia for first stage processing, to multiple woollen mills for different stages of yarn or fabric development, and then to factories for garment making. These garments are sent to wholesalers and finally, retailers, for sale to the end consumer.

MyOrigins Technology offers a different proposition for the Australian Merino wool industry. By connecting parties across the value chain, subscribers gain the opportunity to share best practices, develop data assets and gain new knowledge.

Starts with the source.

Increasingly, consumers question the origins and ethical processes involved in the production of their products. Fair treatment of employees, ethical animal welfare and environmental sustainability, which includes land management, soil health, and protection of biodiversity and native species, are at the top of producers’ list.

MyOrigins Technology starts with the source and traces Merino fibre from the farm to the end consumer. In doing so, it offers growers mobile data collection tools, a streamlined auditing and certification process, and supports better decision-making and analysis.

We connect Australian growers, brands and consumers to each other digitally.

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Partnering with MyOrigins

We welcome Brands locally or internationally seeking further information on how they can partner with MyOrigins Technology using our FibreSource program to access certified ethical supplies of premium Australian Merino Wool. For further information register your interest here.

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