About MyOrigins.

MyOrigins Technology is a technology led services business that supports the Australian merino wool industry. Aiming to drive convergence across farm standards, data collection and reporting, enabling growers to meet their external compliance requirements for regulatory, animal welfare, environmental and brand led processing standards.

Collaborating with the Eco-Merino Cooperative Limited members, the Textile Exchange and the Australian Federal Government’s Farming Together Program we have now delivered the first stage of a wool industry ‘grass-roots’ Blockchain backed platform.

What is it?

MyOrigins Technology was formed to engage parties across the value chain aiming to integrate physical, digital and Blockchain assets to deliver a fully transparent view of ethical production practices – from the farm to finished product.

MyOrigins Technology delivers three main service lines to the industry;

  • FibreCert – certification of grower’s production systems to meet global consumer standards
  • FibreSource – connecting Brands with growers of premium, ethical and sustainable Australian merino wool
  • FibreChain – supply chain assurance platform licensed to brands and available to end users

MyOrigins supports Growers manage happy, healthy and productive livestock, sustainable land and water management practices. Enabling the capture and conversion of key farming data for;

  • Livestock health & wellbeing
  • Pasture management 
  • Logistics & transport 
  • Chemical & pesticides usage
  • Corrective actions & improvements
  • Training events
  • Merino wool & meat production assets

Merino value chain benefits?

The merino wool value chain in Australia has been largely unaltered over the last 200 years. Industry disruption is driving a transformative change through modern production practices, land management awareness and heightened consumer interaction.

Start by thinking ten years into the future. Merino wool production will be fully digitised in every aspect of its input and outputs. All livestock will be catalogued and their genetics history and performance data available to support breeding, production and commercial decisions. Progressive methods of land management, protection of soil health, biodiversity and native species will be available for on demand analysis and sharing. 

Conversations will be frequent and global in nature between growers and the brands that they have contracts with directly. The trust and transparency that exists across the entire value chain will be available for all to see and optimise on a daily basis.

Increased commercial returns will exist based upon increased trust, transparency and connections to the end consumer – who will be keen to experience the unique on farm experiences they are offered digitally at the time of purchasing their high quality and yet affordable merino garments for everyday wear.

This change will only occur through a scalable industry wide blockchain enabled platform accessing and managing scannable livestock, farm and value chain movements and interactions.

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