Connecting Growers
and Consumers

Helping growers understand the Merino wool value chain, delivering traceability for brands and demonstrating for consumers with certainty how, and where, their garments are made.

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At MyOrigins, we’re committed to helping consumers know where their products come from. Our first challenge? Addressing the historical lack of transparency in Merino supply chain practices. We believe that you, the end consumer, have a right to know where and how your Merino wool garment has sourced and then made.

We trace the journey of your Merino fibre, so you can be confident that your garment isn’t the result of inferior blending or even outright substitution with fibre located far from the apparel source.

How do we do this? We start at the farm, and trace the fibre all the way to the end consumer. Our growers are committed to producing wool from happy, healthy sheep, investing in a balanced production system, and maintaining sustainable land management practices.

Brands recognise that consumer trust and loyalty increases with transparency, traceability and a confirmed chain of custody. Why not tell customers the story of their product: where it comes from, who makes it, and the care that goes into it at every stage of production?

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Grower stories

Our growers come from all over Australia, finding resonance in each other’s stories of commitment to happy and healthy sheep, sustainable land management, and the desire to have a voice in how their merino wool is marketed and sold – well beyond the farm gate.


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The Responsible Wool Standard is our starting point as we work to harmonise all processing, brand and industry standards.

Our goal is a streamlined approach to benefit our subscribers and the industry as a whole. Imagine: just one set of farm management practices aligned to whatever standard you require, facilitated by a single set of processes and integrated data capture tools.

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Our Team

Our diverse capability integrates leadership from multi-generational Australian Merino Wool Growers in the Eco-Merino Growers Co-Op, our deep technology expertise in supply chain, mobile applications, blockchain, web platforms and data visualisation from Tech Insite and our vertically integrated eCommerce Apparel Brand, Bluey Merino.

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